Phantom Smash is a Tap-Action game. Phantoms try to reach you and with every wave it is getting harder! You versus Phantom like creatures. They will come in waves to destroy you. What can you do? SMASH them to survive as long as you can. Break your personal highscore once again and compete against your friends! But take care of the enormous boss phantom which will try to overthrow you. After the time, new phantoms, boss enemies and other features will find their way into the game. Let us surprise you and stay with us! Phantom Smash is free to play but you can watch ads to gain an extra life and raise your highscore even more. HAPPY SMASHING!




Challenge your friends and get to the top of the leaderboard


Your best and total stats are just one click away


The game includes many achievements, which will still increase through updates. Go and get them all!


Play as long as you get the highest personal score or until you reach the top of the leaderboard.